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Start: Jul 07, 2014 14:00

End: Jul 10. 2014 14:00


  • Instrument teams

  • SOC

  • MOC

  • PS/Dep. PS

  • ESA Project

  • NASA Project Manager + Dep. PS


  • Coordinate Solar Orbiter Science operations; in particular:
    • Close Service 20 definition
    • Low Latency data visualization
  • Data visualization:
    • Definition of scope ('science' tools vs tools required for operations) and requirements
    • Low Latency data visualization for operations
    • General science data visualization and tools
  • Science Planning/Coordinated observations: Discussion of science activities related to top level science goals, including:
    • 'Linkage' science
    • 'Polar' science


"As-run" agenda and presentations

2014-07-07, 14:00 to 18:00ISWG SplinterA24T. Horbury
2014-07-07, 14:00 to 18:00RSWG SplinterB3F. Auchère
2014-07-07, 14:00 to 18:00LL Pilelines SplinterB65Instrument software engineers
2014-07-08, 9:00 to 13:30ISWG and RSWG Splinters continuedB5T. Horbury and F. Auchère
2014-07-08 11:30

ISWG and RSWG joint session

  • Science data visualization
  • Potential use of JHelioviewer
B3 & B5


D. Müller

2014-07-08, 9:00 to 13:30DAWG Splinter   (CANCELLED)B65P. Gallagher

2014-07-08 14:30

Project Status

B3 & B5P. Kletzkine
 Working Group ReportsB3 & B5

T. Horbury

F. Auchère


Inter-Instrument Communications (Service 20)

  • TN-0007 (Issue 0, Revision 2, as distributed before meeting)
  • TN-0007 (Issue 0, Revision 4, as edited during the ISWG and RSWG)
B3 & B5L. Sánchez
 SpaceWire redundancy - Potential effects of router rebootB3 & B5I. Tanco

Telemetry return update:

B3 & B5

C. Watson

J. Lefort

2014-07-09, 9:00Low Latency Data visualizationB3 & B5A. Walsh

Possible S/C attitude during nominal operations

B3 & B5

I. Tanco

A. Walsh


Overview of the Cruise Phase:

B3 & B5

A. De Groof

J. Lefort



2014-07-09 14:45

Update of science operations planning concept:

B3 & B5

L. Sánchez

A. De Groof

 Overview of Instrument Teams - SOC InterfacesB3 & B5C. Watson
 METIS operability during S/C offpointingsB3 & B5D. Spadaro
 Update on STEREO operations including plans during the upcoming superior conjunctionB3 & B5R. Howard
 Solar Orbiter - Solar Probe Plus collaborationB3 & B5N. Fox

Discussion of coordinated observations

Linkage science:

  • Science cases
  • Magnetic field extrapolation from PHI data
  • Requirements on data availability, including precursor and low latency data
  • Coordination between IS and RS operations.
  • Orbital requirements
B3 & B5

D. Müller

V. Andretta

A. Giunta

2014-07-10, 9:00Coordinated observations (continued):B3 & B5C. Owen

Upcoming meetings and AOB:


  • 25-27 Sep 2014 at L'Aquila
  • After Summer School, more focused on science coordination
  • Previous discussion of instrument status via webex (one week before).

January 2015: SOWG#6 at ESAC:

  • 1 day of technical coordination
  • 1 day exercise on coordinated science planning (connection science + preparation of SOHO (or other) data for reuse during exercies

Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus

  • April 2015
B3 & B5All
2014-07-10 12:00Adjourn  
2014-07-10 12:00

Visit to ESAC facilities:

  • XMM payload operations facilities
  • SMOS paylod operations facilities.