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  • Creation of top-level VM output subdirectories.
  • VM status - Engineering.
  • VM product status.
  • AOB

Discussion items


Creation of top-level VM output sub-directories.

RC described how the SOC had noted that after deploying the LLVMs in the real operations environment, in the cases of two instruments the expected sub-directories (temporary, logs, products) in the mounted output directory were not created. Experimentation indicated that the PHI and SoloHI VMs depended on those sub-directories already existing. As it doesn't have to be done often, the SOC can create these and give the instrument VMs ownership. As such there is no rush. But it would be better if the VMs created these directories as necessary.
MK and LH said they would bear this in mind for future VM versions. [In response to draft minutes MK reported that PHI VM 01.08.03 supports the creation of these directories.]

VM Status - engineering.

See status sheet distributed with these minutes. Points not fitting there:

EUI. Emil asked for any feedback on the outputs from VM 01.00.07. RC had not sufficiently drawn Anik's attention to this new version, so no feedback yet.


  • Martin explained that they were still updating, specifically to a version of their conversion (including decompression) system, replacing an earlier Java version.
  • Anik mentioned that there seemed to be some inconsistency in the scenarios, e.g. scenario 2 images not centred on the limb. For HRT no limb, only an active region. MK expressed surprise. ADG indicated that she only mentioned it in case Martin was interested. Behavior with real data is now more important.
  • MK asked what RCs note '27(!!!)' on the delivery status sheet meant. He didn't remember at that moment, but will respond directly to Martin.


  • Lynn indicated that she is at the same point as last time. She has to go to the lab to do the work she has to do, and it will be a few months before that is possible. She is awaiting information from Nathan.
  • Anik mentioned an email just arrived from Nathan. There are still things to clarify and she will respond to the email.

Metis. Maurizio said he is hoping to provide a new VM before STP 122, but is not sure if he will be able to. He is working specifically on bugs related to lightcurves.

SPICE. Terje wondered if there was any feedback re the LLDPDD which he delivered along with VM 00.02.00 in late August. DW said he still had to look at it. TF remembered that DW had a comment about a descriptor in a filename. DW said he would forward his comment.

STIX. Shane will summarize the most recent situation with the outstanding issues by email to RC. He also mentioned that he was unable to upload further VM versions currently because of inability to access the approved upload machine. RC indicated that this could be worked around for the purposes of solving the current problem. He should get in touch when ready with a new machine.

VM product status(Points on this actually included mixed into the engineering discussion above).

Anik mention the desire to get all the latest VM versions deployed for STP 122.

Next telecon 2021-01-27 at 15:00

Preparatory Actions

New Actions