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In attendance: D. Williams, S. Caminade, S. Wallace, A. Leon, M. Phillips, T. Grundy, U. Schühle, E. Buchlin, J. Lesho.
Apologies sent: O. Ergincan

1.      Highlights/recommendations 
CMS operations have been performed weekly since the last meeting.

2.      CMS ops
Weekly 3 hour CMS measurements are being performed in test mode. 
See #4 below for details of timings.

3.      Anomalies (if any)
No measurement on 17th due to the SSMM-triggered payload anomaly (23:59 on 13th). See (4d)

4.      CMS data and interpretation 
    (see IAS CMS data tool)

Expected SC operations (in long-term plan) shown in bold face
    a.    2020-07-24T17:00 – 20:00    to monitor SA rotation 19:34 – 19:54
    ⁃    Data not accessible, at least in MISO. Perhaps data not yet in. AI: SC to investigate
    b.    2020-08-01T11:40 – 15:40    to monitor: 
    ⁃    WOL 11:40 to 14:40
    ⁃    SA rotation 14:40 – 15:00
    ⁃    Little change in temperature; worth comparing with SA Rot in May with opposite sense.
    ⁃    May be an optical effect (see CMS2).
    ⁃    No mechanical noise visible. (SW and JL will discuss.)
    c.    2020-08-10T00:05 – 03:05     to monitor WOL 00:05 – 03:05
    ⁃    small wiggle (near resolution of measurements)
    d.    2020-08-17T00:05 – 06:05    to monitor:  (Did not happen due to s/c anomaly)
    ⁃    WOL 00:05 – 03:05
    ⁃    SA relubrication 04:33 – 04:43
    e.    2020-08-24T00:05 – 03:05    to monitor:
    ⁃    latter part of WOL 2020-08-23T21:55 – 2020-08-24T00:55
    ⁃    No contamination events from WOLs; very stable.

Grabbing the HIS bracket temperature via EDDS and plotting it within the tool would be useful for interpretation, too. (MP: Note that this is separate from the instrument temperatures.)
AI: TG and SC will iterate on how to display this.
May be advantageous to have the continuous data for HIS for temperature context.

5    Bake-out
No need as yet.

6.       Feedback from team regarding IAS' CMS data tool:

No additional feedback yet.

7.    Organisation of Ops team during Cruise Phase.

    a.    Frequency: monthly (e.g. monthly and ad hoc in case of anomalies/events). We’ll stick with the same time since it works quite well for all time zones involved. 4th Thursday of each month.
    b.    Coordination (chair, meeting organisation, MoM) by SOC
    c.    CMS ops team composition to remain the same; formal support by TEC and Airbus;
    ⁃    Ana remains contact until further notice at ADS.
    d.    CMS commanding responsibility is with IAS
    e.    RAL continues to participate as part of their ongoing support to SPICE
    f.    Analysis will be delivered by TEC to SOC ahead of Telecon (this month is a little special because of holidays)
    g.    SOC will schedule blocks of time once per week (approximately) around operations / times of interest to the CMS Ops Team.

AI: David Williams and TG to sketch basic plan for CMS observations after SOWG ends (in 2 weeks) and send round Ops team for comment. [delayed to week of 21st Sep]

8.        AOB

TG: at next Month, will be approaching the long blocks of time before/after de-icing.
Topic for next meeting: what do we want to do inside those blocks of time.

AL: May need access to data. Will need this for ADS simulation team for comparison. CMS2 only was included in simulation.

Action Items (outstanding only)
AI-04: MS to check parallel activities around time of T and Freq increase (Feb 29th and March 1st) + temperature increase on March 4th Open 
    29/02 WOL 00:12 to 03:12
    01/03 WOL 00:08 to 03:08
    04/03: SWA activity at 17.34 UTC 
AI-12: MS to provide CMS1 & CMS2 FoV Open 
AI-16: DW to check the impact of a week long CMS observation around the Venus GAM Open David Williams to chase next week with MOC. E.g. continuous observations. 
AI-19: MS to provide SA temperature data during SA rotations and re-lubrication 
AI-20: SW and JL to discuss whether any mechanical noise is visible (see 4b above) Open
AI-21: TG and SC to iterate on how to include HIS bracket temperature in CMS tool Open
AI-22: TG and DW to propose basic CMS observation plan for LTP03 (Jan to Jun 2021). Open
AI-23: DW to send in-flight CMS data to AL for ADS simulation team use. Open
AI-24:  SC to investigate whether CMS data for 2020-07-24T17:00 – 20:00 are in MISO. Open

Next meeting: Thursday 24th September @ 17:00 CEST.

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