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D. Williams, F. Auchère, S. Wallace, T. Grundy, R. Perry.

CMS ops

Currently executing on board is STP-187, in the three-month period known as LTP06, the first of the Nominal Mission Phase.

LTP-05, the prior long-term planning period, came to an end on .

Since the last meeting on , payload has continued observing the Sun in a more or less "synoptic" way after the Earth GAM, with an interruption between and for the re-partitioning of the Solid State Mass Memory, as well as for updating the software that controls it.

Anomalies (if any)

None affecting SPICE/CMS.

CMS data and interpretation 

See IAS CMS data tool
Operations times shown for CMS since the last meeting.


  1. Around and after EGAM
    1. STP-179: 2021-11-26T15:20:00Z – 2021-11-27T04:00:00Z (DOY 330–331)
      1. WOL, TCM and MAINT (EGAM itself; Thrusters firing 2021-11-27T04:04:00 – 05:18:00)  – (warning) AI: pointing needs investigation to discount optical / thermal effects, also to look at the heater operations across the platorm around the MAINT window itself.
    2. STP-179: 2021-11-30T02:00:00Z – 13:40:00Z (DOY 334)
      1. WOL (2021-11-30T03:00 – 03:05)
      2. MAG Calibration Rolls (05:15 – 13:31) around S/C X axis (Sunward direction)
    3. STP-179: 2021-11-30T22:30:00Z – 2021-12-01T12:10:00Z (DOY 334 – 335)
      1. WOL (2021-12-01T03:00 – 03:05)
      2. MAG Calibration Rolls (2021-12-01T01:44 – 12:02)
    4. STP-179: 2021-12-01T22:30:00Z – 2021-12-02T12:10:00Z (DOY 335 – 336)
      1. WOL (2021-12-01T23:29 – 23:31)
      2. MAG Calibration Rolls (2021-12-02T01:44 – 12:02) - longer period variation than just from the rolls themselves. Need to pull out the parameters that show roll around X for comparison.
    5. STP-180: 2021-12-02T21:05:00Z - 2021-12-03T12:45:00Z (DOY 336–337)
      1. WOL (2021-12-02T22:05 – 22:09)
      2. TCM at EGAM+1 week (2021-12-03T07:18 – 07:50). Substantial on-time of thrusters, so it's of interest to examine the post-manoeuvre levels on CMS-1 & 2.
        1. Seems like CMS-2 held steady, and that the CMS-1 drift was real because of non-held temperature.
  2. STP-180: 2021-12-03T20:30:00Z – 2021-12-03T23:30:00Z
    1. SA relubrication (04:23 – 04:29)
  3. STP-180: 2021-12-09T21:05:00Z – 2021-12-10T00:05:00Z
    1. WOL (22:04 – 22:09)
  4. STP-181: 2021-12-13T19:30:00Z – 2021-12-14T05:30:00Z
    1. TCM (unused)
  5. STP-182: 2021-12-20T00:05:00Z – 2021-12-20T03:05:00Z
    1. WOL (01:04 – 01:08)


  1. STP-183: 2021-12-27T23:00:00Z – 2021-12-28T02:00:00Z
    1. SA relubrication (00:09 – 00:18)
  2. STP-184: 2022-01-02T19:00:00Z – 2022-01-02T22:00:00Z
    1. No special platform event – is it of interest to make these observations more often? (moved earlier because SPICE wanted to observe at the originally indicated time).
  3. STP-185: 2022-01-09T00:00:00Z – 2022-01-09T03:00:00Z
    1. No special platform event (SSMM software update so not usual operations) No need to make them regularly: but these are an intersteting data set for showing stability of the measurements in the absence of other effects.
  4. STP-186: 2022-01-17T00:05:00Z – 2022-01-17T09:15:00Z
    1. WOL (01:04 – 01:09)
    2. TCM-Type 2 (unused)
  5. STP-187: 2022-01-24T12:00:00Z – 2022-01-24T15:00:00Z
    1. SA Rotation 0º → 30º (13:20 → 13:26)


    •    CMS operations to be performed weekly, capturing interesting events where possible. 
    •    CMS Operator should switch on CMS ≥30 minutes earlier than the time at which the observations would start, particularly if the observations to catch (for example) a WOL would need to start at midnight. CMS operations in SOOP Kitchen are timed such that they start 30 minutes after assumed switch-on. 
    •    Note that From LTP04 onwards (i.e., starting from STP-154), SOC has not been indicating CMS operations in the EFECS with an RSW_EXT_SPICE. They will still be indicated with CMS “observations” in the LTP plan however.

  • For MAINT-ANY windows, since FCT can do ANYTHING in that window, it's good practice to observe right through (and for any adjoining WOLs + TCMs).

Future operations:

Already planned

Upcoming planned CMS Ops:

LTP-06 runs until the beginning of April (beyond the Remote Sensing Windows)

  • WOL: 2022-01-31T00:05:00Z – 2022-01-31T03:05:00Z
  • No special event: 2022-02-06T19:00:00Z – 2022-02-06T19:00:00Z
  • SA rotation: 2022-02-12T23:00:00Z – 2022-02-13T02:00:00Z
  • WOL + TCM: 2022-02-14T00:05:00Z – 2022-02-14T09:15:00Z
  • SA rotation: 2022-02-18T00:00:00Z – 2022-02-18T03:00:00Z
  • WOL: 2022-02-21T00:05:00Z – 2022-02-21T03:05:00Z

LTP-07 plans can be refined until Monday ( ) , so we have the chance today to decide the CMS operations.
RAL has already introduced their proposal in


The long-term trend of deposition will be updated here each month.

Deposition / (ng / cm2)

In addition, the CMS sensor temperatures and Solar Array temperatures: (ºC)



Next meeting

Unless there is an ad-hoc request to have another meeting in 2021, we could meet next in January

Proposal for 17:00 CET.

Action Items

New AIs arising from this meeting in bold.

AI-12: MS to provide CMS1 & CMS2 FoV Open (DW will ask MS) important for next VGAM
AI-13: David Williams to investigate SWA temperatures 28th Jan – Open
AI-16: OE will contact Airbus to see what inputs they need from CMS and SOC to compare with their thermal model
    Contacted ADS: Awaiting an answer when the responsible person is back from holidays.
AI-25: Rad and Orcun to take a look at the TGA data when possible, and compare with previous TGAs.

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