YZ: Also linked to Does slow and intermediate solar wind originate from coronal loops outside of coronal holes? 

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Meeting notes:


boundary crossing is the event we want to catch both IS and RS
model gives us a first rough idea on when we will cross the open/closed boundary in situ and when this plasma should have left the sun
eui/hri goes in high cadence observation well before the estimated crossing and well after: at 1min cadence  ~10hrs of data can be stored internally
when internal buffer is full, EUI stops
LL data are checked to see whether we see the boundary - updates if necessary
MAG LL data are checked to find the boundary crossing - wind speed gives us estimate when the wind left the sun (only up to source surface probably)
models can be compared with these observations
we need phi for context for data analysis 


extra idea: it would be great to observe the same boundary when it appears on the limb (both limbs?) with FSI and metis


Other constraints: