Observation configuration and data rate calculation

Observing mode TargetLine List#Line Profiles#Px/Profile# IntensitiesSlit (")Exp.time# Mirror PosStep sizeTilt timeFOV (")Data cube (px)DurationRepeatsCalc. Data VolTotal Data VolTotal DurationData rate Comments
= study   (max=32)  2/4/6/30(s)=#exposures(arcsecs)(secs)XYXYZ(min) (MB)Compressed (MB)(min)(kbits/s)  
90"-wide Movie            centre, AR2 line profiles23203053280.98868403800640.4354012.292.62611.320.28 To be run very rarely, for high-cadence variability
   OR 1 profile extract full slit width   
    scan directionalong slit spectral dimension   for 10 repeats for 10 repeats   


Spectral-line performance