Orbital context

Plots are in GSE (geocentric solar ecliptic) coordinates, so Earth is at [0,0], the Sun is at [1,0]. The plot is the projection of the orbit on the ecliptic plane. 

Animated Version: 

Definition for the grey shading representing downlink rates:

RS checkout window placement

GAMs and conjunctions

Science and calibration planning

Note the text in red highlights adjustments still to be made in SOOP Kitchen plan during Long Term Planning

IS calibrations:

RS calibrations:

IS-only science:

Coordinated science (and cross-calibration) campaigns:

SOOP Kitchen plan

High-level (=MLP) plan:

Starting point for LTP08 planning in SOWG: to be added after SAP has been frozen in SWT#xx and LTP8 event files have been received from MOC

Final plan LTP08: to be added after SOWG 

Reference material