Original plan (before SWT #27 meeting cancellation, and before the intermission of the commissioning activities)

During SWT#27 we will revise the Mission Level Planning for the Cruise Phase, for the period Jan 2021 to the end of Cruise (Nov 2021). The year 2020, i.e. LTP1 and LTP2, have been planned already at long-term-planning level and will not be discussed.

The SAP for Jan-Jun 2021 (LTP03) will need to be frozen, i.e. primary science goals (for in-situ) and locations and content of RS checkout windows will be fixed. This is so we can produce our input for the ESTRACK Users Group (ground station passes) due mid May 2020.

Note that SWT#27 will not be a physical meeting due to the measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemia. It will be replaced by a series of PI telecons and information distributed over email.

Schedule of alternative planning to SWT #26b meeting

We will do an iterative process with the Project Scientists and the Instrument Teams in order to reach the same output as in the original SWT planning meeting. The proposed schedule is:

FYI - Preparatory work done by SOC prior to PI telecon of 26 March: Initial proposal.

Action - Required planning:

Initial discussion at the PI telecon of 26 March

Comments and feedback from instrument teams (1-8 April)

PI telecon of 16 April 

Final consolidation round at PI telecon of 30 April 2020

Update SOOP Kitchen plan and simulations according to final decisions

(We are here now - work to be done later is below this line)