The MLP plan, as scheduled in SOOP Kitchen (MLP_Cruise) has been simulated, in two versions:

  1. SOOP Kitchen "Baseline 4" contains the baseline schedule as agreed during the PI telecon of 16 April(*). In this version, EUI and PHI do not have a proper contribution in the roll campaign requested by Metis and SoloHI (EUI has placeholder but almost no TM)
  2. We also modelled a slightly modified timeline with EUI and PHI contributions to the roll campaign, with 144 MiB as requested by EUI and (tentatively) the same amount for PHI.
    Note that this updated timeline has not yet been transferred completely to SOOP Kitchen. The EUI contribution has been added to the most recent version, the PHI one not yet.

In both versions, some extra passes for RS downlink have been added after RSCW2 and RSCW3 on top of the 3 passes per week for IS. See SOOP Kitchen for details.

(*) Note: MLP_Cruise baseline 4 contains 1 fix in STIX timeline with respect to baseline 3 at time of telecon: STIX contribution during RSCW3 adjusted to window length and LL contribution added

Following results were obtained:

(tick) The simulation of the baseline schedule (in point 1 above) works without problems. The simulation results are almost identical to previous rounds of MLP simulations for Cruise. 

(tick) The second simulation, including EUI and PHI contributions to the roll campaign in RSCW2 works as well.

                                                        BEFORE                                                                                                                              AFTER

                                                            BEFORE                                                                                                                                AFTER

Based on those results, we ask the PIs: