STP-103 runs from 6 to 13 July 2020 (DOYs 188-195). Only IORGs from IS instruments are expected.

DateEvent or Deadline Comment
4 June 2020Distribution LTP02 output (EFECS, JSON, TMCs) to instrument teamsvia GFTS
5 June 2020Open IOR delivery window for IORsInstrument teams can start delivering IORGs via GFTS - CRRs will be returned automatically (only checking for format issues)
12 June 2020Deadline final version IORsSOC starts final check and consistency of all IORs, and prepares PORs for MOC
18 June 2020First POR bundle to MOCEarly deadline on SOC, to allow iteration on PORs and potentially IORs in case this is needed
30 June 2020Deadline final version PORs to MOC
6 July 2020Start of STP-102 onboard

MIB version to be used: 

Overview of all MIB versions and applicability: MIB and FOP